# Bug? contact me at [email protected]
# tag: Linux games. Games on linux. Play a game on linux. No bullshit. Free. Portable.
# msg: Don't just blindly trust a random person's website pipe into bash.
# msg: Use wget https://km.mk/$package_name -O ~/Downloads/$package_name
# msg: Read (vi/nano/gedit), follow, check and audit the code by yourself, first.
# CPU: AMD E-350 2 cores 800/1600MHz L1 128KiB L2 1MiB (onboard)
# RAM: Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1066MHz
# MB:  ASUS M35M1-M
# VGA: ATI Radeon HD 6310 (onboard) 1280x1024 32bit
# SND: SBx00 Azalia Intel HDA (onboard)
# USB: flash drive or card reader + microsd card sized equal, or greater than 2GB
# HDD: No.

# burn to flash a vanilla OS image, replace X with your flash drive letter, be careful
mkdir -p ~/OS
wget https://km.mk/OS/ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso -O ~/OS/ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso
sudo ionice -c 3 dd if=~/OS/ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=512; sudo sync; sleep 30

# set bios to boot from removable media

# from flash liveboot to RAM, by selecting 'Try Ubuntu'

# write into the default user terminal one of the following lines

# repo independant, time invariant, self contained installs
wget https://km.mk/desktop-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/netscape-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/ut2004demo-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/openra-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/opentyrian-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/serious-sam-1-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/serious-sam-1-2nd-full -O- | bash # the viewpoint might sometimes glitch on highest graphical settings
wget https://km.mk/supaplex-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/quake-3-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/mame-full -O- | bash # beware, there are 4 adult theme games
wget https://km.mk/warzone2100-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/nexuiz-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/openarena-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/motorhead-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/mig-29-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/f-16-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/f-22-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/gta3-full -O- | bash # mileage might vary, on game start, press [Enter] two times
wget https://km.mk/pinball-full -O- | bash # space cadet
wget https://km.mk/gta3-alpha-full -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/aquanox-full -O- | bash

# repo dependant, latest dependency install
wget https://km.mk/desktop -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/netscape -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/ut2004demo -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/openra -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/opentyrian -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/serious-sam-1 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/serious-sam-1-2nd -O- | bash # the viewpoint might sometimes glitch on highest graphical settings
wget https://km.mk/supaplex -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/quake-3 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/mame -O- | bash # beware, there are 4 adult theme games
wget https://km.mk/warzone2100 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/nexuiz -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/openarena -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/motorhead -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/mig-29 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/f-16 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/f-22 -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/gta3 -O- | bash # mileage might vary, on game start, press [Enter] two times
wget https://km.mk/pinball -O- | bash # space cadet
wget https://km.mk/gta3-alpha -O- | bash
wget https://km.mk/aquanox -O- | bash

# press enter and enjoy

# for persistency, after installation, import/export the respective hidden application data folder within ~

# when done playing, reboot the machine and start from scratch
# GNU/Potato
# Why potato you say? Because, despite looking ugly, it gets the job done.
# Disclaimer:
# This website contains 421mg less potassium than an average 100g potatoe.

#sudo losetup --offset 1554186241 --sizelimit 2411724800 --show --find /dev/sdc /dev/loop0
sudo losetup --offset 1554186241 --sizelimit 6169821184 --show --find /dev/sdc /dev/loop0
sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/loop1
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/loop1
sudo mount -t auto /dev/loop1 /mnt/loop1
sudo chown ubuntu.ubuntu -R /mnt/loop1
sudo umount /mnt/loop1
sudo dmsetup remove_all

sudo ionice -c 3 dd if=/dev/sdb of=/media/ubuntu/a293b48a-435c-47c8-835e-435275a0eeb4/ubuntu-16.04.2-pack1.img bs=512 count=15085957; sudo sync; sleep 30

wget https://km.mk/OS/ubuntu-16.04.2-part1.img.zip -q -O- | funzip | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
wget https://km.mk/OS/ubuntu-16.04.2-part1.img -q -O- | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=512
ln -s /dev/sdX ~/Downloads/drive
sudo axel -n 135 --user-agent="-" https://km.mk/ubuntu-16.04.2-part1.img -o ~/Downloads/drive
sudo sync
sudo sleep 30
rm -f ~/Downloads/drive